Just what the hell is going on here?

From distant lands within our own minds we manifest ourselves on stage to present you with music from far-off exotic locals such as the pathos, superego and id. Believe us, Fatboy George (the prettiest of the two) is well versed with the superego. His job is to get inside your head and hunt for the sweet riches of your soul, only to recontextualize it and sell it back to you marked up several hundred percent. He'll give you salvation. He'll give you glamor. He'll give you a fix when your down and a diamond studded leather leash when you're too high. Diamonds may be forever, but gold will due in a pinch and the collection plate is in your lap.


DJ ExpectUs (who is doesn't actually DJ) just want's to watch it all burn down. If you could see the way fire dances in the eyes behind that mask you would be inspired to move your body. Money is just a concept, and so is the church and state. The vox populi manifested in the hunt of those who wield power. He knows too well that the bourgeoisie delights in killing it's own children.

Fatboy George has been twiddling with music in a purely undisciplined sense from the moment he had his first MIDI keyboard. Knowing that the only way to quench his thirst for fame in glamor was through music he pursued the ecstatic strangeways of the most fabulous instrument of all, the synthesizer. After years of toiling in obscurity and aimlessness, he joined forces with DJ ExpectUs and his black Delta King guitar. It was meant to be, this fusion of artificial and tradional, structure and unstructure, noise and signal. Right away a twisted child of this endeavor sprung forth in intergalacticSugarClub, a sound like no other before or after it.

We have found our way to create now, and no genre is safe. From industrial, to folk, to ambient to trip hop, we will drink deep of them all and vomit them upon you and you will be reborn. Come see us live and take communion with us. For we are the way, the light. There is no life apart from what we offer, and you should submit to any price for it. But all we ask is for the most addictive drug ever, one you already possess, the sound of one hand against another.

Gentleman Loser has destroyed various local venues in support of acts such as glassGhosts, Atomica, XuberX, Cemetery Improvement Society, Sensuous Enemy, Null Device, Parasite Twin and The Dark Clan and have played festivals such as The Forward Music Festival (Reverence Festival stage)

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