In November of 2011, we released our largest undertaking yet, Five Cocks to Block You, the album that nearly killed us was complete. To celebrate it's release we decided to do a show in a location we had always wanted to find an excuse to play: The Sean Salon. The Salon is, unfortunately, now defunct, and we were one of it's last soirées We performed two sets (with costume changes!), with our good friend Emily from from Little Red Wolf DJing in between. The first set was a more laid-back and psychedelic selection of our songs, with ExpectUs's father joining us on keyboards. The second set brought the fire with more of a rock assortment of tracks, as well as the theatrics. We had nuns from the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence on hand to hand out special Gentleman Loser prayer cards, condoms and other goodies to the audience. They also assisted in theatrics such as the rain of feathers approaching the finale (in which I managed to inhale a lungful when the cameraman swept up a fresh armfull my direction)! In between sets things got unpredictable when members of Little Red Wolf who were in attendance took to the instruments and an impromptu jam session occurred complete with Karl, a member of our congregation, getting up on the mic to read some William S. Burroughs over top of everything.

The show had it's fair share of our inevitable fuckups. A few slaughtered notes. Coughing up a lung in the middle of a song due to feathers. A smoke machine that only worked when it felt like it. A keyboard that would occasionally lose power mid song. And a sermon that I half forgot. Regardless, we had our little dark mass at midnight with the second set and all was more or less as planned. An unforgettable night that I will always look back on as very nearly everything I ever wanted us to be as a band. There will one day be an edited "highlights reel" of video from the party, but for now, to give you an idea of the shape of that night, below you can find pictures (click to enlarge obviously).

Also, here's a little player where you can listen to a selection of recordings from the show.

First Setlist

Know Future
Oscal Sings (by our sister band Intergalatic Sugar Club)
New Rose
End Fallow
Guy at the Gym (also from the iSC album 'Get It On')
End Fallow (Reprise)

Second Setlist

Cutman/Disassembly Line
I'm Not Sexy, You're Just Drunk
Entire Life (from the followup album we had only just started writing)
Fear the Dark
Let Them Fist Cake
Fuck You It's Christmas