The first and likely only studio album that we plan on releasing. Fatboy George and DJ Expectus have plans for your soul and it's all layed out on this CD. So buy it now. Give us your money, and we'll give you salvation!

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Recap of the release party!

1. Overt Motivator Sequence
2. Let Them Fist Cake
3. I'm Not Sexy, You're Just Drunk
4. Cutman/Disassembly Line
5. Fuck You, It's Christmas
6. End Fallow
7. Polybius
8. Digital Misogyny
9. Californowhere
10. Syphillis
11. Dance Motherfuckers
12. Altitude (feat. Little Red Wolf)
13. New Rose
14. Entrapped
15. Know Future (Gentleman Loser vs. Angelfire)
16. Fear the Dark
17. End Fallow (Reprise)

It's got some punk/metal-ish stuff, it's got some dancy shit, it's got some straight up weird shit, it's got a couple pretty tunes, and some ugly tunes, it's got that crunchy industrial sound one minute, and then's electro.

It's got whiz bang laser excitement. Glory holes for holy rollers. Ultra-violet sleepers and infrared mollies. It's the flavor all the kids want! It's got everything you need. Just one download, just one hit, and you'll be right as rain. We don't advocate drug use with this album, but it probably couldn't hurt.

All songs Fatboy George, DJ Expectus. Track twelve co-written by Little Red Wolf. Track fifteen co-written by Nick Anello (DJ Angelfire). Special thanks to Arhallogen, for bringing us in on She's Lost Control, that was originally going to be part of this release got nixed to keep it all legal-beagle. As always special thanks to Nona Fishstixx and Genghis Cock PhD.


Overt Motivator Sequence

My unblinking eye is the top of your pyramid The pupa is growing, controlling your life Lady Gaga is swiftly reshaping the auras Receiving transmissions from Manchurian spies

This is my mind / Outside my body A dwindling spiral until nothing shows God rests upon an event horizon As it is above, so shall it be below

36 days of hypnotic implants Bundled together and trapped for all time Taken in boxes from fire to deserts This Orwellian present, the reward for our crimes

Let Them Fist Cake

It is my business to interrupt all your business End commerce faster than dividends collect interest Till the capitol collapses and we burn all the banks No money no more oil, no more bombers or tanks

I want my violence to end all the violence Let it rise like a river and leave nothing but silence My time and your time and times it by ten Until we become a massive torrent of women and men

Class war, race war, there is no mistake To unreal to be true, and all to true to be fake Every dollar you earn is two more that they'll take So I say fuck 'em all Let them fist cake

We've lost our senses because your so senseless You've desensitized us and left us defenseless And we'll come in the night, and start breaking glass Recruit your sons and your daughters, it will happen so fast

And I pledge belligerence To a fast burning flag Of the great embarrassment Of America And to our fascist masters May our money still flow Into that great greedy fuckhole We used to call home

I'm Not Sexy, You're Just Drunk

I'm a dancing, pretty prancing, fucking fancy faggot You're a righty, tighty whitey, such a mighty maggot With a quickness, like a sickness, time for witless speaking Litmus kit, I witness it, holy shit I'm peaking

I see hypocrisy as you try to set the tone I smell the fruit on your bone

I see you sitting there, melting into all I can see If I touched you would you stuff yourself so deep inside of me

Room's moving south There's something in your mouth And on and on and on and on it goes

It's nothing physical Just something ritual Another chemical Another chemical

Feeling queasy, not so easy, fitful wheezy breathing Room is spinning, blood is thinning, lights are interweaving Why oh why am I so high, hard as I try I'm broken So absurd, I lose each word, and is it heard or spoken?

All I taste is all the waste left over from the night before The sheets are stained, there's an ache in my brain and it's got me wanting more

I see you sitting there, melting into all I can see If I touched you would you commit an act of sodomy

Fuck You, It's Christmas

Cut down a tree and waste electricity Fuck you, it's Christmas Buy some festive knick knacks, that fit nicely in your ass Fuck you, it's Christmas Dress your pets in elf hats, then have them lick fudge off your balls Fuck you, it's Christmas Serve food to the poor, and then drive away in your Prius Fuck you, it's Christmas

You're driving long distances through twenty feet of snow And it looks like your uncle started drinking right after church You got tiny marshmallows in every side dish you eat No one has presents, we're all just swapping gift cards

Max out your credit card, and help save the economy Fuck you, it's Christmas Wake up at fucking 4am to buy a piss-my-pants Elmo Fuck you, it's Christmas The war on Christmas is a war we can actually win Fuck you, it's not Hanukkah I'd fuck Gretchen Carlson's brains out, but somebody beat me to it Fox News, makes me wet

'Twas the night before Christmas, and Saint Nick had come Not for Jews or for Muslims, because their religions were dumb With him he brought, one special present The tiny Christ-child, the size of a pheasant Down every chimney, leading him by the foot 'Till his swaddling clothes were coated in carcinogenic soot And that is how Jesus got cancer of the balls And as he died for our sins, he wish a merry Christmas to all

How is it that Rachel Ray and Martha Stewart shit holiday spirit You're stuck making a Christmas dinner out of Spam and fucking peanut butter Why the fuck do you want to go shopping right after Christmas? Sit down, shut up, and enjoy your ugly new sweater


The deck hits stop, quietly whirrs as it rewinds. I wake up, and see Ana's face, receeding. I'm not even sure that she's real anymore.

I grab some of the stash that the kids tell me is stylish. Infra-red Mollies and Ultra-violet Sleepers I walk to the corner store. Fresh water and bread. Preachers on the corner selling pills to see god Whenever you try to put some money on the collection plate, they alaways say "no, first time's free" I take them, but I don't see god.

When I return, I see the rusted gate is gone, no doubt part of some street nesting behavior The brick building still alive in decay, matresses spread out randomly on floors, owners asleep at best

I find my way to the master bedroom, clear out my spot and sit, back against the wall. I can almost hear her heartbeat inside there. I pull out the deck, slot the tape. Press play.

Ana is in the other room, cooking dinner. I'm installing the new lights in the bedroom. She calls out to me, askes me to come in and tell her "does this taste funny to you?" Upstairs a child giggles. I turn the corner and Ana is standing there, wearing an old concert t-shirt. She still looks beutiful after all these years. If I can squint just right, she looks like the first day I met her. She smiles and beckons me over, leading me by the finger, she spins on her heal. A flash of fire in her eyes. I reach out to touch her face...

The deck hits stop, quietly whirrs as it rewinds. I wake up. My back against the cold wall, a homeless man next to me coughs.

A bad mix these pills. My heart slows. Beginning it's long descent flat to the bottom. Darkness gathers in all the corners. It's All somehow symetical in it's own way. What's left of my past burried in the wall behind me, and what's left of my future in every room of this house. A memory, a parasite that robs you of happiness.

I never meant to hurt you. but I just couldn't let you leave. you wouldn't stop. and I couldn't lose myself in it like you did. We couldn't bring her back. and I couldn't bring you back. You were already gone. I just brought resolution to the abstract. It's okay Ana. I will see you soon.

I pull out the deck...

It will be better this time.

...slot the tape...

It will be perfect, forever and ever

I press play.