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Tracking We have been hard at work over this last year working on new material and coping with various challenges life has put in the way of working together on our music. We have an EP we expect to finish by late spring or early summer, as well as a second EP under production, even talk of a third after that is in the air. Also we did some bitchen' remix work for Caustic, which you can check out below.

So if you are all like "woah! That's cool, tell me more" we can accomidate you. For info about the EP's, a sample of the upcoming music, a full explaination on why we have been off your radar lately, and other goodies, check out the first Church of the Gentleman Loser Newsletter by clicking here.

Also, curious about exactly what happened during our Five Cocks to Block You CD release party? Well just click HERE for a recap of the events of the night, the setlists, and a gallery of photos from that intensly strange night!

Five Cocks to Block You (finally) Released

Tracking Tracking This is it. The final, complete release of the first full (and it is very full indeed) length release by Gentleman Loser. The behemoth, the project that nearly killed the band, the CD that was delayed like...a fucking year. It is done, it is big, it is bad (the good kind of bad) and it is in your fucking face motherfuckers! We're not addicted to drugs, we're addicted to glamour and this CD is fucking shiny!

It has been made available for download since August from our bandcamp site and will be available for physicall purchase in a CD/Polyvinyl sleeve on and after our CD release party at the end of October, details can be found in the live section of the website.

It's got some punk/metal-ish stuff, it's got some dancy shit, it's got some straight up weird shit, it's got a couple pretty tunes, and some ugly tunes, it's got that crunchy industrial sound one minute, and then bang...it's electro.

We were originally going to release two cover songs on the album. One was our cover of Fiona Apple's song Criminal and the other was a collaboration with ARHALLOGEN on a cover of the Joy Division song She's Lost Control. However we decided against adding them to the final release to keep it legal. They will be released shortly after our October CD release party as a free online download through our bandcamp site.

Fatboy George and DJ Expectus have plans for your soul and it's all layed out on this CD. So buy it now. Give us your money, and we'll give you salvation!

Finally! The Release of Five Cocks to Block You is at hand!

Tracking Dateline: May 20th, 2011

So it’s been a long crazy road hasn’t it? It seems like just a couple years ago that I first thought about making a CD called Five Cocks…OH WAIT, THATS BECAUSE IT WAS TWO YEARS AGO. Sweet shit, what took so long? Well, I will explain that at the end.

This album features collaborations with Arhallogen, Little Red Wolf, and Angelfire. The Arhallogen track is a gothed-out cover of She’s Lost Control. Little Red Wolf worked with us on a sweet little ambient/downtempo diddy called Altitude. And Angelfire co-wrote Know Future a Max-Headroom-inspired (well the title at least) electro-industrial track. This album is also a “reboot” for Gentleman Loser, now that it is two of us writing the music, we would like you all to disregard all the other EPs we have released, therefore there are retooled versions of the best of the older tracks to enjoy as well. Also, included are some flat out new songs as well, such as cutman/Dissasembly Line, a sample-heavy jam with a wobbly bass that makes your head spin (I was forced at gunpoint to write those last five words) or Dance Motherfuckers which does not contain “that accursed Aliens sample”. All in all, 79 minutes of music for just ten bucks, holy shit what a deal!

That’s sounds great! When can I buy it?

So yeah…it’s done (Morey and I are mixing the last of it right now), but not done in time to have pro-duplicated discs and art done for the really awesome show we are playing next Friday at The Inferno opening for Caustic, Everything Goes Cold, and The Gothsicles. So the compromise?

Five Cocks to Block You Bootleg Edition

Next Friday night at the show, and only at the show, we will be selling hand-made CDRs of the album with custom/alternate artwork. Think of it as a really cool pre-order. You get the CDR, but also a code that will get you a downloadable version of the album, as well as a real version of the final CD redeemable at future shows (or by mail if you must). Aside from the different packaging and lower-quality, store-bought CDR there will be a few other differences between this album and the final one. First off, Morey and I will probably take some time after the show to do some final changes to the mix for Side A (I’ll explain that later), so what you will get at the show will be an exclusively less-polished/more-punk version of the album. So that’s going to be very cool. Also there, will be a second downloadable audio goody for this album. It’s seeeekret.

So when is the “final” version going to be released?

July. We will have the album finished duplicated sometime in June, but will be sitting on it in order to allow us time to figure out what kind of show, or party, or show/party we want to throw for it’s release. It may just end up being a house party, or a show at one of Madison’s illustrious venues. We don’t know yet, but one way or another it will be released in July.

What’s all this “Side A” / “Side B” business about and what took so long?!?

Well that’s part of the concept for this album. We wanted Five Cocks to Block You (henceforth referred to as “5CB”) to be anachronistic. The packaging for both the bootleg and final version will be a CD inside a folded card inside a polyvinyl slipcase. The point there is to invoke the memory of classic punk 7” records, that includes the idea of A-Sides and B-Sides. Secondly, this album has evolved considerably from it’s original plan. Two years ago, it was first supposed to be a “versus” album much in the style of Null Device and The Dark Clan’s album “Fading Belief” between myself and friend and musician Angelfire. Then, it later was going to be a five track EP that would be my attempt at creating an entirely synth-based punk album. After Morey joined the band, it became a five track EP exploring a sort of grunge-with-synths style along with retooled versions of some older Gentleman Loser songs rewritten to incorporate changes to their live versions that had occurred with the addition of a guitarist to the band. In that time, we kept writing new music and collaborating with others. Then it just sort of kept expanding like a marshmallow Peep in a microwave to it’s current 79 minute long form. To keep the five more punkish original tracks separate from all the new (and retooled) material we ended up writing, we added “Side A/B” section headings. Side A is a much more roughly mixed, garage rock, grunge/punk experiment while Side B is much more polished, varied, and more heavily electronic section. In short, rage out to Side A, smoke pot to Side B.

The Skinny on Five Cocks to Block You

TrackingOh Five Cocks to Block You, you are such a tease.

This album has seen a lot of delays, and in fact it started as anidea I had for a split EP with Angelfire back when Iwas working on Ghost District.

Since then, I wanted it to be an electronic punk EP.  I hadsuch grand ideas.  It would be mixed only in four tracks...ontape...and the vocals would be placed too far in front of the mix. Oh those were the days.  For awhile, Morey and I weretalking about writing it, and then just doing a flat-out live in-studiotake of the first five tracks all at once.  Neither of thosethings are where it seems to be going now (though we may try them onlater releases).

As Morey and I worked on it, the sound became in some places moresophisticated than planned, in others, more raw.  It also expandedin scope from being just an EP.  Here is the rundown on what it iscurrently shaping up to be.

The first five tracks, the five cocks to block you, are more guitaroriented.  Two are kinda just rock styled, two are flat out simpleNirvana-esque garage band style, and the last one is this long epic building track called End Fallow which you can listen to by clicking here.

After that is the "Additional Cocks" section of the album (sort of aveiled RevCo reference there).  So far this consists of a cover ofFiona Apple's song Criminal that we have played live a few times now,older Gentleman Loser tracks that Morey and I have updated, and a fewnew tracks as well that just didn't fit the mould for the Five Cocks toBlock You section.  I am hoping to whip up a couple new downtempotracks to add to this section while we go through our most recentdelay...

...speaking of which.  The album has been coming along nicely nowthat we started getting our shit together and noses to the grindstoneand we were projecting a late October or early November release. Unfortunately some bad shit I won't get into has happened toMoreyand he has to deal with that for what could end up being a fair amountof time.  He'll be okay though, that cat always lands on his feet. In this "time off" though I will be trying to work on some stuff(including those downtempo Portisheadesque stuff) so long asprocrastination doesn't overtake me.  So in the end, it may justmake the album more awesome.  I am currently estimating a Januaryor February release and party (and what better time, there's nothing todo around then anyhow).

We are kinda treating this album as a "reboot" of Gentleman Loser, as Imentioned in the post below.  We may even delete the previous EP'sas this album will contain the best of them, reworked to actually soundgood (I was never happy with how I rushed Ghost District so much ofthat will be incorporated).  Also, this album will bring a newimage for the band.  Don't be surprised to see live showsincorporating some theatrics and alter-egos (this is still indevelopment but we are going to be sloppy and raw and taking a littleinspiration from HumanAftertaste, though not as extreme; they will remain the masters). The packaging is also something important.  Going forth fromhere, all Gentleman Loser CDs will be released in a polyvinyl slipcasewith a two-fold insert.  This CD will be full color, andprofessionally duplicated; though all subsequent releases will bestraight-up five or six track EPs with handmade inserts utilizing xeroxand rubber stamping (much like our recent "Cock Tease" teaser EP wehave been leaving at The Inferno lately).

Also note that the first 20 copies sold at shows will come with a copyof the Cock Tease EP, which has some cool stuff not released anywhereelse, including a recording of our Deathtape show from last halloween(the one with the 40 minute Jonestown recording ambient jam) and the"vagina destroyed" alternate mix of Syphilis.

So here is the tentative track listing for the album, but know thatthat while the first five tracks are basically set in order, the"Additional Cocks" section isn't really finished, and thus will needrearrangement.

Five Cocks to Block You

  • Watch You Fail
  • Let Them Fist Cake
  • Intensive Purposes
  • I'm Not Sexy, You're Just Drunk
  • End Fallow

Additional Cocks

  • Intro
  • Criminal (Fiona Apple cover)
  • Singe
  • Digital Misogyny (2010 Mix)
  • New Downtempo Song 1
  • New Downtempo Song 2
  • Syphilis (2010 Mix)
  • New Rose (2010 Mix)
  • Polybius (2010 Mix)
  • Entrapped (2010 Mix)
  • Fear the Dark (2010 Mix)
  • Maybe New Noisy Track Full of Noise and Distortion That Is Kinda Unlistenable
  • Secret Track

Don't Worry, the Five Cocks to Block You EP Isn't Dead

Tracking Work began last month on the much belated new EP "Five Cocks to Block You" which is shaping up to be much more than an EP. We have nearly wrapped up the "B-Sides" section of the record, a set of 8 tracks of B-Sides and revamped old tracks (featuring rewriting input from newly-minted band member Morey). So that, plus the five new tracks that we have just started working on brings the total to 13 tracks. Way more than an EP!

Gentleman Loser has always planned to release EPs only, so this will likely be our only "full" album.

The five new tracks will (hopefully) be a departure for us. We are trying a new writing method and we hope this will put a little punk into the songs. Writing will be slow going though, as Morey is working on and off out of state, so we go back and forth with the tracks

Well Since We're Playing a Fest...

Tracking So since we are going to be playing the Forward Music Festival we decided that it would make sense for us to have some kind of new release to bring to the show. So it was decided that we would make a split EP.

The EP has a name. No longer "Peas and Carrots" it is now known as "Epistatic Bias" (after much debate about it being known as "Confirmation Bias" or "Epistalic Bias"). It will be released Sept 17th at the Reverence Show at The Frequency. This physical disc version of the album will be available for $4 and will include a download code to a recording of the show that will be made available at a later date. It will also be made available on thegentlemanloser.com and thegentlemanloser.bandcamp.com and sugarclub.bandcamp.com. The first three tracks are by myself, except for third track which was co-written by Morey. The last three tracks are by The Intergalactic Sugar Club, which is a new project I am a part of.

Track List:

  1. Entrapped
  2. Revel8
  3. Digital Misogyny
  4. Hit the Wall
  5. Kiddie Mix
  6. Maya