Church Newsletter #1: The State of the Loser Address

ightously, we have made it safely to the other side of the ever- impending, but never-materializing extinction of that year in your lord (me), two-thousand and twelve. We survived the eschaton and came to the other side intact, with all our fingers and toes in one piece, and our eyes set upon the future. The future is exactly what I have come to talk to you about right now. Like any good prophet, I should be able to predict future events, and I shall not dissapoint.

So to get it out of the way first off, Gentleman Loser may not have been prolific last year, but we were busy throughout 2012, not just preventing the apocalypse (you can thank us later), but working on no less than two EPs, and even doing a little remix work on the side. So first to announce EP number one, Sweatshop Science.

It was our decision going forth to stick to the EP format for our future releases. This allowed us (in theory) shortened production times and thus we could shift between ideas and styles at a pace more closely matching our changing tendencies. Anyone who listened to our 72 minute, magnum opus Five Cocks to Block You would have noted the disjointed style and varying genre of that album, and we wish to create more focused work now.

Sweatshop Science is written to be a somewhat more danceable creation. It is six tracks long, full of our signature blend of industrial beats, odd samples, and unique blues-style guitar. Physical editions of this album will be a disc, inside folded paper, inside a polyvinyl sleeve. This album is pretty much done, only requiring vox work on three tracks and guitar work on four or five. We expect to have this album released in the spring. Coming after that is another project, not yet titled, but for now simply being called Fifthsun.

It is a complete 180 from Sweatshop Science, this one is more ambient/chillout music. Also, it is structured as one, approximately 25 minute long song. It is still in it's infancy, though expected to swiftly follow the release of Sweatshop Science. It's physical edition will consist of similar packaging to that of Sweatshop Science, though each will have a unique hand-made ink blot. You can take a listen of a short preview of music (mostly from Sweatshop Science) in the player in the next column.